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Vehicle Alignment Maintenance at Tempe Ram

There is no doubt that a correctly aligned car provides a safer ride. On the road, a car that is out of alignment will pull or slide to one side. This endangers you, your passengers, and other motorists and just proves how important alignment services are.

A wheel alignment service is restoring the original angles of your vehicle’s steering and suspension components. An alignment is performed using sophisticated equipment that compares your vehicle’s original specs to the wheel angles. The technician then makes any necessary changes.

Regular alignment services are necessary and can make your vehicle safer. Apart from that, they can provide several advantages, including:

  • Longer tire life – A wheel alignment can help you avoid early tire wear, adding thousands of miles to your tires.
  • Fuel efficiency – Poor alignment can lead to slight tire drag, resulting in increased friction. As a result, fuel economy reduces drastically.
  • Prevents costly repairs – Wheel misalignment can strain the steering and suspension. The longer you delay, the more damage you may incur.

The alignment of your wheels might go out of whack due to ordinary driving, even if it’s slight.

When you need alignment service in Tempe, AZ, our team at Tempe Ram will gladly assist you. Our staff will conduct a visual alignment check to ensure that everything is in order. We’ll also ensure your vehicle’s alignment is up to par with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tire professionals at our automotive service center will perform front-end or rear-end changes to restore appropriate wheel alignment. Make an appointment with us, and we’ll assist you in improving your car’s steering and the tread wear of your tires.

When Do You Get Alignment Service?

Most of us wouldn’t skip an oil change or basic maintenance, so you should not skip alignment services. Many manufacturers recommend that four wheels be aligned once a year. However, having your alignment serviced at least twice a year should be part of your regular auto maintenance routine.

You may also require an alignment for the following reasons:

  • When it’s time to put on a fresh set of tires
  • After driving into a large pothole or a high curb
  • After a collision or an accident

If you’re unsure you need alignment services, you could also look out for some of these signs below:

  • When driving straight, the steering wheel is skewed.
  • Noisy steering
  • If your vehicle pulls left or right while driving
  • Uneven treads

Accurate wheel alignment provides a smoother ride by reducing steering pull and vehicle drift. It can also save you hundreds of dollars in tire replacement costs owing to early tread wear. If anything isn’t quite right with your ride, contact us today to schedule an alignment check. We employ cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to determine if your wheels satisfy the manufacturer’s precise alignment requirements.

Schedule Alignment Service at Tempe Ram

Tires perform better and last longer after regular alignments. Furthermore, if your wheels are misaligned, your tires may wear out irregularly and more quickly, posing a risky driving situation.

Is it time to align your wheels? Visit our automotive service center at Tempe Ram in Tempe, AZ, for all of your alignment maintenance requirements. You can schedule your service on our website or contact us to make an appointment.

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