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Drive Belt Replacement Service Savings at Tempe Ram

The drive belt is one of many belts your engine uses to function properly and engage other vehicle systems like the air-conditioning compressor, power steering, among others. It is a single, continuous rubber belt that runs on idler pulleys to avoid slipping out. In old engine designs, it is visible in the engine bay. More advanced vehicles with compact layouts have covers to keep the drive belt and engine out of sight.

Drive belts are pretty durable and are rated to last for at least three years or 60,000 to 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. That said, don’t neglect it because when it does snap, your vehicle and many of its peripheral equipment will stop running. Without the drive belt, the alternator will not power up the battery, and it will completely discharge. The power steering pump will fail to function, making the vehicle extremely difficult to steer. Driving will also be extremely uncomfortable as the climate control system will fail without a working compressor. These are just some of the things that will get affected.

Don’t wait until it snaps because if it does, we hope you have 24-hour roadside assistance because this can happen anytime, anywhere, and it usually does at the most inopportune time.
Regularly inspect your drive belt to make sure that things are okay. If you don’t know what to look for, bring it to us at Tempe RAM in Tempe, AZ. Our qualified technicians are skilled and experienced in looking after drive belts. They will examine, assess, and make the proper recommendations bearing in mind your safety on the road.

When Do You Get Drive Belt Replacement Service?

Have you ever driven without power steering or climate control? Not only will it be highly unsafe, but it will also be extremely uncomfortable. Those are just a few of the things that will happen if your drive belt snaps in the middle of a trip.

Without a drive belt, not only will the vehicle be unable to cool the cabin, but it will also lose the ability to decrease engine and water temperature without working fans. And we all know how bad heat is to the engine and the kind of damage it can do to the block.

Always make time to visually check your drive belt. If you see cracks on it or missing chunks of rubber, it’s asking for a replacement.

If you hear chirping or squeaking noises from under the hood, it could be the drive belt, or something worse. Do not ignore it. Bring it over to Tempe RAM in Tempe, AZ, so our certified technicians can make sure everything is ok for your peace of mind.

Some vehicles are equipped with sensors to determine if your vehicle’s drive belt is already past its prime. Take check engine signs seriously when it comes on in your instrument panel.
Don’t put yourself through all the stress of a vehicle breakdown due to a broken drive belt. Have it regularly checked to ensure a smooth and safe drive all the time.

Schedule Drive Belt Replacement Service at Tempe RAM

Your vehicle relies on a functioning drive belt to run properly and operate its ancillary systems efficiently. Always keep it in good working order. If it shows any deformity or damage, have it replaced right away.

Get your drive belt replacement service here at Tempe RAM. Our factory-trained technicians are skilled and experienced in diagnosing drive belt issues and problems. We can have your drive belt fixed and your vehicle back on the road in no time. Plus, you can take advantage of our service specials to make repairs like this easy on your budget.

Schedule your service conveniently online or come see us at Tempe RAM in Tempe, AZ, today.

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